Screen for fire protection

Rolling-up smoke protecting screen


Body Non-flammable fabric
Box 1.6 thick steel plate
Lintel, T bar, Guide rail 1.6 thick steel plate or 1.5 stainless steel plate
Shutter operator 150F(automatic closer devices)
Automatic closer devices DC24V, 300mA
The available manufacturing range less than 850mm(slat’s height) / less than 10,000mm(slat’s width)

What 'rolling-up smoke protecting screen' is

The winding screen for protecting smoke is stored to be wound the body(non-flammable fabric) with the shutter in the box’s axis in the ceiling. The ceiling surface is finished elegantly by a lintel and bottom bar. The automatic closer device is released by detecting smoke in fire and then the released break makes the screen for protecting smoke move up and down smoothly. For your reference, roller-up is available by motor operated.

The drawing of fixed rail

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