YDK Rolling Shutter Door Operator, made in KOREA

‘YDK Rolling-up Shutter Operator’ have been exported since 1993 and we have 50-year history of manufacturing skills & know-how in Korea. Our product is adjusted to EU standard.

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1. DATA & Kinds
2. Composition, Connection & Circuit

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1. Limit switch, Push button switch, Safe device
2. Automatic closing device
3. Interlocking controller
4. Drop stop safety bearing
5. The remote controller

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1. Two steps operating shutter for fire protection
2. Screen for fire protection
3. Standards of automatic fire doors & shutters

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The Composition of Shutter Operator

1. Slat

for fire-protection & security

3. Barrel shaft

pipe axis winding slat

5. Shutter box

for blocking shaft winding parts

7. Push button switch

the control switch of the shutter operator

9. Width

an opening’s width

11. Push roller

the roller to prevent bending of shutter slat

13. Emergency switch

the device to prevent damage or loss during abnormal operation of shutter

2. Bottom bar

kinds of finishing materials attached the bottom of shutter

4. Lintel

It is attached to the bottom of box or ceiling for finishing materials

6. Shutter operator

the motor to move the shutter up and down by electric power

8. Guide rail

the rail to induce the slat of the shutter

10. Height

an opening’s height

12. Limit switch

the switch to fix the position of top & bottom

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Setting up of a Rolling-up Shutter Operator Manufacturing and exporting for EU Market through a distributor in UK since in the early 1990s. We have 10% market share in EU. YDK Shutter Operator have been exported since 1993 and we have 50-year history of manufacturing skills & know-how in Korea.

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Advanced Technologies90%
Production Capacity95%
Utilization Rate95%
Customer Satisfaction95%

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Y D Kim(Mr.)

Video Sources

Please refer to the videos below for easy-understanding!

Rolling-up Shutter Lifting Test

FS-1, Safety Device without Solenoid 01

FS-1, Safety Device without Solenoid 02

Starter Assembling Orders, step 1

Starter Assembling Orders, step 2

Starter Assembling Orders, step 3

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