Automatic closing device

Automatic closer(FS-1) & Two steps operating closer(FSE-2)


Type Automatic restoring(FS-1)
Operating method Current flow
Rated voltage DC24V
Rated current 300Ma
Min. operating voltage DC18V
Rated time Short time rating(3 sec.)
Restoration voltage AC220V/380V
Driving system Solenoid
Operating distance 10m/min.


Two steps operating closer(FSE-2)

# The closer is connected with right side operation when produced

1. The right type : the motor installed right side from inside
  > Please connect the blue wire of limit.

2. The left type : the motor installed left side from inside
  > Please connect the red wire of limit.

3. You can connect red, blue & yellow wire of closer to the control board in order red, blue & yellow.

4. Please certainly check the restoration switch before shutter operating. If you miss checking the restoration switch, it should be the cause of trouble.

# Please turn on the power switch when the installation is done.

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